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We are on a journey towards implementing break through healthcare innovation.

Our goal is to significantly improve the care and life quality of preterm born babies and reduce today’s potentially harmful monitoring methods of X-ray imaging and invasive blood samples. 

Antibiotic resistance is one of the top ten most important global challenges listed by the World Health Organization. 20% of all prescribed antibiotics relate to sinus infection, despite that only 2% is caused by bacteria where antibiotics can have effect. With our sinus monitoring medical device, doctors will be able to make informed decisions already at the primary care centers and thereby reduce costly and time-consuming investigations as well as decrease prescription of antibiotics. 


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About GPX Medical

GPX Medical AB was formed in 2016 as a subsidiary to Gasporox AB (publ) with the aim to develop and commercialize medical applications of the GASMAS technology. The company is owned by Gasporox AB (publ) to 53,3%, by Norsk Elektro Optikk AS to 36,2% and by the team to 10,5%. The company is located in Lund, Sweden. Org. nbr. 559069-9012.

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