Caring for the most vulnerable patients

About 10% of all newborn infants, 15 million babies per year, need postnatal care.
Pulmonary problems are often the primary reason.

New monitoring device is needed

About 10% of all newborn infants, 15 million babies per year, need postnatal care. Pulmonary problems, breathing related issues, is the primary reason.

Today, optimal gas exchange in the lungs of preterm infants is maintained with ventilators or non-invasive pulmonary support.

The lung status of the preterm born infants is assessed by X-ray imaging and invasive blood sampling, despite the increased risks of long-term complications from ionizing radiation, and increased risk of infection and anemia due to blood loss. Thus, there is a clear clinical need for our novel non-invasive device providing the possibility of continuously monitoring of lung oxygen content and volume changes, reducing the use of invasive methods.


Emilie Krite Svanberg, MD., PhD., and Dennis Leader, MSc, GPX Medical, during clinical pilot study on healthy newborn infants at Skåne University Hospital in the fall of 2018.

Our solution

We aim to launch a clinically validated medical device for non-invasive continuous monitoring of lung volume and oxygen content in infants. Based on an advanced spectroscopic technology for quantifying the concentration of gas embedded in tissue, the device will detect and warn for possibly life-threatening pulmonary complications.

In a first stage, we target 3000 neonatal intensive care hospitals in Europe and the U.S.

For Investors

GPX Medical is on a journey to create better care for for our most vulnerable patients.

About GPX Medical

GPX Medical AB was formed in 2016 as a subsidiary to GASPOROX AB (publ), with the aim to develop and commercialize medical applications of GASMAS technology. The company is owned to 60% by GASPOROX AB (publ) and to 40% by Norsk Elektro Optikk AS, and located in Lund, Sweden. Org. nbr. 559069-9012.

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