The technology behind the method

Non-invasive measurement of gases

The technology is based on gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy (GASMAS), developed by scientists at the division of Atomic Physics, Lund University.

This method allows non-invasive measurement of gases inside body cavities, including the lungs and sinuses. Gas, such as oxygen and water vapor absorb light of very distinct wavelengths, unlike the broader absorption by the surrounding tissue which enables the gas concentration to be measured non-invasively.

With the foundation in gas spectroscopy with weak diode laser light GPX Medical can provide harmless diagnostics to monitor the lungs of preterm infants and help diagnose sinusitis.

For Investors

GPX Medical is on a journey to create better care for for our most vulnerable patients.

About GPX Medical

GPX Medical AB was formed in 2016 as a subsidiary to GASPOROX AB (publ), with the aim to develop and commercialize medical applications of GASMAS technology. The company is owned to 60% by GASPOROX AB (publ) and to 40% by Norsk Elektro Optikk AS, and located in Lund, Sweden. Org. nbr. 559069-9012.

For investors

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