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We develop technology for improving the care and life quality of our most vulnerable patients – preterm born infants.

Valberedning utsedd i GPX Medical

I enlighet med tidigare stämmobeslut har styrelseordföranden efter samråd med bolagets största aktieägare per den 30 juni 2020 sammankallat en valberedning. Läs pressmeddelandet i sin helhet här:...

VD presenterar GPX Medicals delårsrapport jan-sept 2020 +Q&A (english)

Verkställande direktör Hanna Sjöström presenterade idag den 11 november delårsrapporten januari - september 2020 för GPX Medical. Presentationen av Hanna Sjöström kan följas på denna video (svenska): Presentation delårsrapport av vd Hanna Sjöström Presentationen i...

Presentation av delårsrapport januari – september 2020

2020-11-11 Presentation av delårsrapport januari - september 2020 Följande presentation används för vd Hanna Sjöströms presentation av delårsrapporten i telefonkonferensen klockan 10.00: Presentation delårsrapport januari - september 2020 Telefonkonferens: Vänligen...


4 questions to GPX Medical's CEO

Interview with CEO Hanna Sjöström by Rapidus Business Press 2019-01-22. In Swedish.

The Board recruits Hanna Sjöström as new CEO from January 28, 2019.

Powerful investment in GASPOROX subsidiary GPX Medical, the Board recruits Hanna Sjöström as new CEO from January 28, 2019. Pressrelease in English.

Light reveals lung function

Interview with GPX Medical’s CTO PhD Sara Bergsten by Elektronik Tidningen 2019-01-10. In Swedish.

Precise Wavelength Used to Gently Image Lungs of Newborns

News Articla. Photonics Media June 2016. In English.

News Article Läkartidningen

Non invasive optical techniques can register oxygen in tissue 2016-04-01. In Swedish.

News Article Medical Xpress

Light can be used to examine lungs of premature babies. 2016-03-22. In English.

News Article Dagens Medicin

New technology for lung monitoring. 2015-10-05. In Swedish.

Laser analysis can improve lung control

News Article in Sydsvenskan with MD, PhD Emilie Kite Svanberg 2015-10-04. In Swedish.

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GPX Medical AB is revolutionizing neonatal intensive care with NEOLA®, a medical device that can offer continuous lung monitoring and real-time alerts of life-threatening complications using a cutting-edge technology that measures lung volume changes and oxygen gas concentration. NEOLA® has the potential to provide better care, fewer days in intensive care and healthier lives for preterm born infants. Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Lund, Sweden, GPX Medical is building on a historic Swedish legacy of medical technology innovation and invaluable contributions to global health care.

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